Advice for parents

  • Participating in a ski lesson includes a certain level of independence from the pupil, and therefore does not place the responsibility solely on the teacher.
  • Therefore, the pupil must personally care for his own safety and that of third parties.
  • The acceptance of risk is particularly apparent when skiing off-piste. The risk does not disappear with the presence of a teacher.
  • The pupils are not insured by the Internationale Ski School of Grimentz-Zinal. To avoid the risks and financial troubles of an accident, we are advised you to inform you. Multiple insurances cover you on the skiable field.
  • The ticket of lessons does not include the cost of the ski lifts and are valid only in the place bought and until expiry date. In the event of our independently cancelling a lesson, except important delays of the teacher, no refunds will be carried out. Whatever the circumstances, no ticket will be replaced.
  • The pupils must present themselves at the lessons suitably equipped and dressed. They must listen to the advice of the teacher and be aware of in advance which program of lessons corresponds to their level.


Tips for your children

  • From 2½ years old, you can entrust your child with a teacher specifically for your group. With a bit of confidence and trust, you will be astonished by the results. Your child will improve without knowing it and will think of skiing as playing
  • Make sure you get all the information you need from the monitors responsible for your children.
  • Inform you of the hour and the meeting place of the lessons in order to be able to pick up your children.
  • Always take care that your children are provided with hot clothing, that are comfortable and dry… as well as following articles:
    • Thermals;
    • sunglasses;
    • sun lotion;
    • gloves;
    • helmet (strongly recommended) or hat (even if the weather is hot);
    • cotton underclothing.
  • Check that your children are comfortable in their ski boots. In the same way, assure that they are correctly adjusted and closed.
  • Parents are not entitled to change the class of their children, only the teachers are entitled to do it.
  • Parents are also not allowed to follow the child during the lesson.
  • Not to lie about the age of the child
  • Before entrusting your children in the ski lesson, you guarantee that they have been to the loo, have their ski pass, a cereal bar/snack in a pocket, some money, as well as a sheet of paper with the following information:
    • first name and name of one of the parents;
    • addresses in the resort;
    • mobile phone number;
    • Allergies ?
  • On the mountain, children become dehydrated very quickly… thus take care that they drink water regularly.
    Never forget that it is preferable to be too hot that too cold.
  • Never force the child to ski, or to follow lessons if they do not wish to, it is preferable to try one or two tests.
  • To remember: the wearing of the helmet is strongly recommended.


Ecole de Ski & Snowboard Internationale